Meet Sid

Sid Mahant, at the age of 23, came to America with $850, a shirt on his back, and a dream, the American dream that anyone from anywhere can succeed with hard work and diligence. He worked a variety of jobs, from janitor, convenience store manager, nursing assistant, salesman, small restaurant owner, to truck driver. His path was filled with frustration, discrimination, and failure. Some jobs didn’t go as planned; his restaurant burnt to the ground, but his determination never wavered. The example he has always looked up to is Abraham Lincoln, our country’s greatest President, in Sid’s opinion. After moving to Indiana, Sid’s American dream came true. Sid built a trucking empire that began with a mobile truck repair shop that now employs over 400 Hoosiers. Sid decided to run for Congress to ensure that the opportunity for the American dream will always be a beacon of hope and accessible to current and future Hoosiers.

No Community Left Behind

"I am running because Hoosier families need a voice they can trust in Congress. A leader to believe in and a successful businessman who understands what is at stake. I am not a career politician and we can't afford to send another to Washington. Don't you agree?"