• 1Prioritizing Economic Growth through Small Business

    Small business is the backbone of our economy. Cutting regulations, taxes and red tape to keep small business owners working will be a major priority for Sid. Sid Mahant knows what it means to grow small business and he is in your corner. As your congressman, Sid will promote initiatives to create jobs, attract businesses, and stimulate economic growth in the district.
  • 2Focus on the 6th District

    One thing that members of Congress can do for their district is to work with cities, towns, and counties to bring back important grant dollars. Billions go unrequested or end up in major cities like San Francisco or New York only to be squandered. Sid will work to ensure that fire and police departments have the necessary training and equipment. He will work to bring back road and infrastructure grants. When you ask what your congressman can do for you, Sid can deliver tangible community support.
  • 3Securing Our Border

    I stand with President Trump and his efforts to secure our southern border. For too long, the border has been left open to cartel traffic and illegal activities. We need to finish the wall, secure the border, and reform our immigration system. We can do better; we must do better!
  • 4Supporting Legal Immigration

    Addressing immigration concerns within the district by supporting comprehensive immigration reform, promoting fair and humane policies, and finding a balanced approach that considers the needs of both immigrants and the local community.
  • 5Infrastructure

    Promoting investments in transportation, including roads, bridges, airports, and public transit systems, to enhance connectivity and ensure efficient movement of people and goods.
  • 6Healthcare

    Ensuring access to affordable and quality healthcare services, supporting policies that address rising healthcare costs, and advocating for adequate healthcare infrastructure in the district.
  • 7Supporting The Farmers

    Supporting small, mid-sized, and new farmers in the district by securing grants and loans from USDA. Advocating for policies that aid farmers, promote rural development, and ensure food security in our state.
  • 8Supporting Veterans

    Ensuring adequate support and services for veterans residing in the district, including access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.
  • 9The Drive To Make a Difference

    Sid has consistently given back to his community. During COVID, smaller trucking companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. Sid Mahant created a Non-Profit organization, Indiana Diverse Truckers Association, to help share freight, knowledge, and opportunity to keep smaller companies in business and viable.