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  • Prioritize federal grants for vocational programs in underperforming schools based on criteria such as free and reduced lunch rates and district-assessed valuation.
  • Establish federal block grant programs specifically for advanced placement students from disadvantaged schools to break the cycle of poverty.

  • Establish a dedicated office in Marion to cater to the specific needs of veterans in distress.
  • Collaborate with local organizations to offer regular programs for veterans, focusing on employment and life skills.
  • Request monthly meetings with the Marion VA and Rodebush Hospital to review all pending veteran cases.

  • Take decisive military action to stop the influx of fentanyl and opioids through the Southern border, targeting drug cartels and producers globally.
  • Coordinate services to reduce infant and maternal mortality, safeguarding the most vulnerable in our 5th district communities.

  • Support the Department of Commerce and other relevant agencies in their efforts to foster the growth of small businesses and startups.
  • Encourage the re-shoring of manufacturing, particularly in the field of computer chips, through a national “re-shore and restore” investment program.
  • Attract manufacturing back to Indiana, generating more job opportunities.

  • Expand opportunities for direct federal grants to local first responders for training and equipment.
  • Direct grant programs towards rural fire departments to ensure no part of 5th district counties is left behind.

  • Instruct staff to be present in every county of the 5th District on a monthly basis, providing constituent services and community outreach.
  • Establish monthly calls with Mayors and Commissioners to identify community and infrastructure needs.



Together, let's build a brighter future for Indiana District 5, where every resident has the opportunity to thrive and where our collective efforts shape a stronger and more prosperous community for all.

Sid Mahant

From Entrepreneurship to Public Service: The Journey of a Self-Made Businessman in Politics


Sid Mahant, at the age of 23, came to America with $850, the shirt on his back, and a dream, the American dream that anyone from anywhere can succeed with hard work and diligence. He worked a variety of jobs, from janitor, convenience store manager, nursing assistant, salesman, small restaurant owner, to truck driver. His path was filled with frustration, discrimination, and failure. Some jobs didn’t go as planned; his restaurant burnt to the ground, but his determination never wavered. The example he has always looked to is Abraham Lincoln, in Sid’s opinion, our country’s greatest President. He too, survived personal and professional tragedy, and his diligence saved our nation and ended the abomination of slavery. After moving to Indiana, Sid’s American dream came true. Sid built a trucking empire that began with a mobile truck repair shop that now employs over 400 Hoosiers. Sid decided to run for Congress to ensure that the opportunity for the American dream will always be a beacon of hope and accessible to future generations.

The Drive to Make a Difference

Sid has consistently given back to his community. During COVID, smaller trucking companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. Sid Mahant created a Non-Profit organization, Indiana Diverse Truckers Association, to help share freight, knowledge, and opportunity to keep smaller companies in business and viable.

Focus on the 5th District

One thing that members of Congress can do for their district is to work with cities, towns, and counties to bring back important grant dollars. Billions go unrequested or end up in major cities like San Francisco or New York only to be squandered. Sid will work to ensure that fire and police departments have the necessary training and equipment. He will work to bring back road and infrastructure grants. When you ask what your congressman can do for you, Sid can deliver tangible community support.

Prioritizing Economic Growth through Small Business

Small business is the backbone of our economy. Cutting regulations, taxes and red tape to keep small business owners working will be a major priority for Sid. Sid Mahant knows what it means to grow small business and he is in your corner.


Sid Mahant's experience growing and sustaining a small business into a large one gives us all hope that the American Dream is alive and well. Sid will work to ensure that this American Dream and its boundless opportunities will be available to future generations.

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Yes,I respect Seniority as it matters But we must respect efficiency, not just age….